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as far as you can go

When I decided to venture to Norway, the trip to Nordkapp or North Cape was the thing that I was most excited about. It’s not every day that you walk above the Polar Circle and actually experience the most northern Cape in mainland Europe; a place so far north, the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans meet. 

Travelling by car from Italy, I passed through Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Finland all the way to Norway, and my breath was taken when confronted with  the drastic change in scenery of the Norwegian land. Norway has its own very unique set of characteristics – think the Fjords, majestic rolling mountains and visually provocative landscapes. 

Nordkapp is the only dry land between you and the North Pole. Travel in the middle of May to the end of June to see the midnight sun, or the sunset over the Barents Sea from the North Cape Plateau. Today, approximately 200,000 tourists visit the Platuau annually during the summer months and it is a relatively easy venture. It is a remarkable look into the northern most mainland cliff face of Norway, some 307 metres above sea level. 

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