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The Laura Quinkan Dance Festival is an exciting biennial gathering in Cape York Peninsula, highlighting the many diverse communities, language, song, dance and stories. Witness the passing on of culture across the generations, along with showcasing the strength, pride and uniqueness of Aboriginal people.

Approximately 25 dance troupes from across Cape York will gather in the small community of Laura to showcase stories through dance routines, sharing history and uniting as one.

The township of Laura is the central meeting place for people from Cape York, as well as being home to Australia’s most significant collection of rock art, it hosts another internationally recognised celebration of Aboriginal culture, the Laura Quinkan Dance Festival.

The dance festival grounds at Laura occupy the site of a very old, traditional Bora ground. It’s a respected and sacred site. Here, people from 20 different communities located across the Cape York Peninsula come together to celebrate with music, dance, singing and cultural performances.

It’s a place and event where families meet new and old family members and exchange, rejuvenate and pass on knowledge and history. The festival has been coordinated by several different organizations over the years and in 2021 the Ang Gnarra Aboriginal Corporation is responsible for the event and has assigned Fievents as event organizers. This is a significant milestone for the traditional owners.

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