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Every journey starts with a dream. My dream was to trek to the foot of the highest mountain in the World - Mount Everest.

This challenging yet unbelievably rewarding trek is a well-known bucket list adventure for many travellers, and for good reason. The Everest Base Camp trek, at 5,600m is the most accessible and achievable way for all walks of life to catch a glimpse of the World’s most profound peak. The trek takes 14 days in total from Kathmandu to Kathmandu, additionally, another four days on top of this will ensure plenty of time to reach Kathmandu and to recover from any jet lag.

The trek is one of immense beauty; the scenery is utterly breathtaking, the culture is rich and the local people are friendly and accommodating. Days are filled with unrelenting natural beauty, which in turn drives the determination needed to finish the journey. The walking paths are lined with colourful prayer flags, bridges across deep canyons and wondrous landscapes. Evenings are filled with the comforts of hot authentic Nepali food and warming conversation.

Remember to take your time on the trek, be careful of altitude sickness and stay aware of potential dangers, such as sheer cliffs and porters who move very quickly along the trail. The best time to make the trek is from March to May and from September to December, missing monsoon rain season.


The Kala Patthar trek, or “Black Rock” is located on the south ridge of Pumori. This track is very popular due to many Everest Base Camp trekkers including it on their itinerary and for its panoramic views that many higher track viewpoints do not achieve. 


The Kala Patthar Track does not require any training or climbing equipment, however you must still ensure that you are properly acclimatised due to the track achieving 5634m above sea level. 


It is best to climb Kala Patthar before dawn, as it can get quite busy and crowded. The early morning climb will also ensure the best chance of clear weather and unobstructed views.

Published in Viaggio Magazine.

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